21 Janvier 2021 - 20 Mars 2021





When coming face to face with an artist's work, we may feel something stirring in our hearts. Without a doubt, there is a stimulus that moves us somewhere inside, but it is often difficult to find suitable words to properly express that feeling.
There are many emotions that exist but cannot be expressed with language. Let us put aside for a moment the attempt to analyze and describe the phenomenon and the inference of intention based on someone?s history. Instead, let us deliberately follow the artist's perceptions and emotions. It is also good to project one's own situation and sensibilities to lay bare the occasional stray thought. If one of these works begins to slowly take root within us, it may someday pop out during our everyday life like a moment of déjà vu. The mental activity in which the artist's perception and touch in the work soak into me and cause me to think of myself: this is the power of art that goes beyond the limits of language.
In January 2021, the ideas of the 10th Artists in Residence at the OCI Museum of Art's Creative Studio have materialized into works of various shapes and structures. It is my wish that the resonance they create will bring about the emotional immersion within you.
GR1 squeezes through the old alleys of city centers and exposes their essence upon his work in minute detail. The big city, which grows in size day by day, has continued to push against the narrow alleys, leaving only dark and gloomy walls; yet you may still come to feel the heat of the old furnace that once forged a splendid city. The role of the kindling is taken by the few who wish to speak out immediately, hiding their faces and names. The shouts of the minority that awaken the silence of the majority are transferred from the walls of the alleys to the canvas without dissipating their heat.



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